Husqvarna 701 SM Rottweiler intake system

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The long awaited Rottweiler Performance System for the mighty Husqvarna 701 is finally here, and built with the only tools we have at our disposal; QUALITY and POWER.

Starting with our proven KTM 690 Enduro recipe that has received critical acclaim for power, ease of service and extra space, we ported our induction knowledge into the big single and created this intake with our signature power producing filter elements. But we didn’t stop there. We reshaped the intake tract with our proven ‘Tuned Velocity Stack’ design in order to maximize intake tract length and velocity. We even added a clever little detail to the outside of the bell-mouth of the velocity stack that keeps water out, and only the good stuff in: CLEAN AIR.
Add tool free removal and incredibly simple access to the intake tract and what you have left over is a 701 that guarantees to add the smiles to your miles.

  • Big horsepower gains that only Rottweiler Performance can produce
  • Tool-less access and removal for easy maintenance
  • Proprietary triple layer foam filtration
  • Custom shaped velocity stack for maximum intake velocity
  • 1-hour installation

KTM 690/701 Enduro Intake Installation Instructions

    To gain the best from these bikes combine with a custom tune, Power commander offer a PCV for this vehicle or direct ECU flashes are also avaliable making the most from all the features held within the ECU including throttle tables, Call for more information on any tuning mods including any product from the Rottweiler range - 0151 345 0170

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