KTM 1290 Super Duke GT Austin Racing RS22 hi slung decat & full exhaust systems

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Uk made using the latest technology in exhaust manufacture this is Formula 1 tech for your bike!

These are beautifully made exhausts that sound the dogs nackers and look just as good, we have been tuning bikes fitted with these exhausts for many years and really are the business so you can trust your are buying a top quality product.


GP1RS High Slung De-Cat Or Full Exhaust System
Ceramic coated titanium.
The GP1RS tip in Orange, Black, Cool Titanium and Silver.
You can have our titanium headers in black ceramic coated or plain titanium.

  • Use as de-cat or full system.
  • Everything included ready to bolt on and ride!
  • Includes carbon heat shield to protect rear shock reservoir
  • DB killer + Inserts allow db level tuning from 101- 120 plus!!!
  • Delivered with a 50mm end can part internal size giving 106db without db killer
  • The insert is within the link pipe & is removable once a up map or mapped PCV is installed
  • The DB killer bolts into outlet of end can & is also removable
  • We deliver this exhaust at 101 - 109db, you MUST NOT remove the insert within the link pipe unless you have the KTM full race system upmap or a PCV or other. Austinracing will not be held responsible for any engine damage that may result from you riding without the insert within this exhaust without remapping to the exhaust.
  • You do not need to insert the DB killer it is safe to run without it as you wish.
  • Full system header pipes in titanium available to order, includes all gaskets and fitting clamps
  • When in conjunction with the GP1 this creates a true race titanium system, everything required is supplied.
  • Power graph is stock fuelling no modification apart from the GP1 exhaust running 50mm inserts
  • Once you can re map for the exhaust we expect around a 10% power increase on these figures
  • We recommend the Evotech tail tidy for use with this exhaust