KTM 1290 Super Duke GT Rottweiler Performance TVS-80 tuned velocity stack

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Add another 2 HP across the board and 6 HP up high, just by dropping in a second TVS (Tuned Velocity Stack) with your stage 2 Rottweiler intake system. Our intake kits from Stage 2 and up come complete with one velocity stack for the rear cylinder. The reason for this is that with the large foam element filter, a reduction in the height of the velocity stack was necessary, but only on the rear velocity stack. On a twin this is perfectly acceptable and actually quite common on some stock motorcycles for many reasons.

We didn't stop there. By reshaping the velocity stack with a 180 degree bell-mouth opening and altering the taper of the bore we were able to achieve smoother induction flow characteristics as well as velocity, optimizing the added flow volume of our intake systems. By adding a second TVS-80 velocity stack to the front cylinder, you will realize even more gains and smoother running engine over stock. At 20mm shorter you now have more options to play with and customize your power delivery.

For years now tuners have had great success by changing the lengths of the velocity stacks in the intake. Up until now there have been no options for the new model KTMs and now Rottweiler has beautifully machined these from 6061 T6 billet aluminum with a Type 2 black anodize and laser etched logo.

Options for direct ECU flashing to remove Fi lights by disabling unwanted emission devices please call - 0151 345 0170