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This is a revolutionary project in the world of steering shock absorbers. An extremely progressive and symmetrical product produced after many hours of testing and design studying. This is the first steering damper produced completely in Ergal, and distinguished by a high performance and low weight that is only 250 g.
S03 racing version.
Nitrogen pressurisation system within the piston rod, utilising a 12mm rod that is made of Ergal 7075 with lapped surface and hard anodized. Impregnation with PTFE improves the friction coefficient of hard oxide. The cylinder is made in Ergal 7075, it is hard anodized with lapped surface and with hardness of 600 Vickers in order to reach the elevated resistance to wear.
The lapped surface having a smoothness coefficient equal to 0.09 RA that helps to decrease the friction. All components relating to movement are assembled on floating bushings that are self-aligning (without thread) and mechanical processing focused on a maximum concentration with tolerance of just 0.02 mm.
Low friction is realized by MUPO with particularly flexible geometry of lips. Excellent anti-wear characteristics. The main self-aligning piston is supplied with the sliding block in metallic D.U. covered with PTFE, loaded in bronze with a cut in “Z” to avoid deforming.
The adjustment is made by internal cone shaped pins with calibrated profiles, and an outer 'click' type adjuster, creating a functional symmetry (left to right).
Technical features:
Ergal cylinder ø 20 mm hard anodizing and lapping
Ergal piston rod ø 12 mm rectified, Hard anodizing and lapping
Piston ø 20 mm with DU bushing
Adjustment features:
22 positions