MV AGUSTA Turismo Veloce 800 ECU Base Flash Remapping and Programming

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ECU base flash allows you to remove all unwanted features that restrict the bike along with increasing power and torque throughout the rev range. These maps are selected from our vast database of maps built in house and we can then select a map suitable to your bikes modifications and setup.

Simply post us your ECU along with bike setup and we will return fully insured and tracked. We provide any fitting instructions and what features have been disabled allowing removal from the bike and any remedial works if required.

Features available for Turismo Veloce 800 2016 - 2020

    • Features
      • ECU Reflash
      • ECU error codes clearing
      • Realtime log
      • Live data displayed on maps
    • Race features
      • Blip down shifting
      • Direct accelerator to throttle connection
      • Fast map switch
    • Tuneable maps
      • Ignition
        • Base and advanced timing
        • Temperature compensation
        • Idle ignition timing
      • Engine load and throttle opening
        • Engine Load to throttle opening
        • Intake Air Pressure to engine load
        • Accelerator position to engine load
        • Wide Open Throttle
      • Fueling
        • Base fuel map
        • Fuel trim
        • Compensations maps
        • Cranking
        • Cut Off
      • RPM Limiters
      • Settings
        • O2 sensor on/off
        • Exhaust valve on/off
      • Engine brake
      • Traction control 

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