BMW S1000RR 2019 - 2022 Arrow Exhaust

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The Current Options for the bike as per fitment are as follow

  • Road Silencer Race-Tech Ti/Carbon Cat Retained 71903PK
  • Road Silencer Race-Tech Alu/Carbon Cat Retained 71903AK
  • Road Silencer Race-Tech Dark Alu/Carbon Cat Retained 71903AKN
  • Road Silencer Pro-Race Titanium Cat Retained 71903PR
  • Road Silencer Pro-Race Stainless Cat Retained 71903PRI
  • Road Silencer Pro-Race Dark Stainless Cat Retained 71903PRN
  • Road Silencer GP2 Titanium Cat Retained 71554GP
  • Road Silencer GP2 Dark Stainless Cat Retained 71554GPI
  • Racing Collectors To Fit Arrow and OE Silencer Cat Removed 71718MI
  • Competition Low Ti/Stainless Titanium Cat Removed 71204CP
  • Competition Low Full Titanium Titanium Cat Removed 71205CP
  • Full Racing System Ti/Stainless 300mm Silencer Titanium Cat Removed 71204CKZ
  • Full Racing System Full Titanium 300mm Silencer Titanium Cat Removed 71205CKZ
  • Competition High-Level Ti/Stainless Titanium Cat Removed 71206CP
  • Competition High-Level Full Titanium Titanium Cat Removed 71207CP
  • Full Racing System Ti/Stainless 300mm Carbon Silencer Ti/carbon Cat Removed 71204MKZ
  • Full Racing System Full Titanium 300mm Carbon Silencer Ti/carbon Cat Removed 71205MKZ
  • Pista Road Silencer Ti/Carbon Cat Retained 71506PT
  • Pista Road Silencer Dark Ti/Carbon Cat Retained 71506PTN
  • Pista Compertition EVO 2 Full System Ti Ti/Carbon Cat Removed 71205PTZ
  • Pista Compertition EVO 2 Full System Steel Ti/Carbon Cat Removed 71204PTZ

    Please choose from the drop-down menu which exhausts you would like

    When installing any one of Arrow exhausts
    it is recommended to install a map / ECU de-
    activating valve function or a servo eliminator sold here

    Please note this item has a 2-3 week dispatch delay

    Arrow Exhaust is the globally renowned industry leader in producing high performance exhaust systems for motorcycles. In total, Arrow Exhaust has claimed over 20 World Titles in WSBK, SuperSport, MX, Supermoto, Moto2 and MotoGP. Research and development in racing has always been a strong focus for Arrow and has had a direct effect on Arrow exhaust products. From their slip-on exhaust to their full systems, every Arrow pipe resonates with racing pedigree and utilises a combinations of titanium, stainless steel, carbon fibre and NiChrome alloys.

    The same technology used to develop Arrow's professional racing silencers is also used in the road legal versions, so you can enjoy the exclusivity and high performance levels in full compliance with the latest European Community road regulations. The racing and the road approved exhausts range share the same manufacturing procedures using top quality materials such as aluminium, titanium, carbon fibre and stainless steel assembled together using only T.I.G. and M.I.G. welding techniques.

    This street legal version reduces drastically the sound emission through the use of an innovative inner silencer design, while maintaining the performance gain within the limits allowed by the European regulations. Each silencer is supplied with a copy of certification filed at the Ministry of Transportation.


    • Road approved silencer, fits directly onto original pipework.
    • Fits in standard position.
    • Street legal silencers feature a removable baffle (db-killer) for race track use.
    • Up to 30% - 50% reduction in weight over original equipment.

    Fitting Instructions - (FULL) (SILENCER) ⬅️

    Definitions - Where silencers are described as 'titanium' , 'aluminium' or 'carbon fibre' this is the shell of the silencer only (the silencers have stainless steel internals and end caps. The exceptions are silencers described as 'titanium+ carbon fibre' - these have titanium shell with a carbon fibre end cap, and those described as 'all carbon fibre' - these have carbon fibre shell as well as a carbon fibre end cap). FULL SYSTEMS have stainless steel pipework. ROAD APPROVED means there is EU noise homogation for the silencer or system.

    For any additional information on these or any other tuning modification please do not hesitate to get in touch

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