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TRW-Lucas offers you motorcycle brake pads to suit every class, sector and grade of motorcycle. With twelve different friction compounds on offer, you can source replacement motorcycle brake pads that maximise safety and performance for touring and sport bikes, custom bikes, scooters and off-roaders, quads and ATVs.

Key features of the Sintered

  • Standard flooring

  • Organic with ceramic undelayer for thermal insulation.

  • Anti-corrosion finish, long life.

  • Compatible on all discs.

  • Solid braking performance, good wet braking behaviour

  • Suitable for front and rear axle.

TRW-Lucas Motorcycle Brake Pads give you:

  • Front and rear motorcycle brake pads for more than 6.000 models.
  • 12 different friction compounds for motorbike brake pads to maximise compatibility and performance. Refer to the friction material overview, which you find in the Download area.
  • All TRW-Lucas aftermarket motorbike brake pads are free of asbestos to protect people and environment.
  • A comprehensive range of high performance motorcycle brake pads dedicated to different racetrack applications and off-road competitions.
  • Motorcycle brake pads with excellent compatibility to all TRW-Lucas motorcycle brake discs and the original equipment.
  • All TRW-Lucas motorcycle brake pads intended for the use on public roads come with a TÜV certificate of conformity and are street legal.


Exceptional motorcycle brake pad coverage for classic or modern bikes

With TRW-Lucas, you can choose replacement motorcycle brake pads for more than 6,000 motorcycle models. Our parts catalogue includes tried and tested brake pads with the recommended assignments for machines from 1970 to brand new models. By matching the brake pad to the rider’s needs, we provide the optimum compound for motorbike brake pad replacement, whether it’s a touring bike, a street fighter, a superbike, a scooter, an enduro or motocross bike or the four wheels ATV and quad.


Unique technology with TRW-Lucas Motorcycle Brake Pads

Because TRW is always at the forefront of innovation, you’ll get the very latest new developments in technology for aftermarket motorcycle brake pads from us, such as NRS (NUCAP RETENTION SYSTEM), a unique patented method of locking lining material to backing plates, used in production of all TRW-Lucas organic and CRQ Hyper-Carbon pads for motorbike brakes. With NRS, the backing plates feature a special hook profile that’s permanently embedded into the lining material. The lining holds firm under the most extreme thermal and mechanical conditions, enabling a motorcycle replacement brake pad that brings the best possible safety and performance.


TRW-Lucas Motorcycle Brake Pads for every motorcycle and every rider

Our range of front and rear motorbike brake pads includes 12 different pad compositions. The TRW-Lucas Motorcycle Brake Pad catalogue features organic, sinter metal and carbon-containing pad materials. Six of them are intended for the use on public roads. They are street legal and come with a TÜV certificate of conformity. The certification code on the backing plate guarantees that road traffic requirements are met by TRW-Lucas motorcycle brake pads, giving you complete peace of mind.

Six compounds are specially dedicated to different competition applications and successfully used by numerous teams and riders in many race series up to World Championship level.

For further details please check our information about brake pad compounds under Downloads in the Service section.


TRW-Lucas Motorcycle Brake Pads help the environment and comply with the strictest quality standards

All pad materials for our motorcycle brake parts are free of asbestos and the European production guarantees the compliance to the highest environmental standards. In addition to ISO 9001, TRW also has ISO/TS 16949 certification, the latest quality standard for the international automotive industry.


Motorbike brake parts with winning performance

Our intention is to offer motorcycle brake pads with a long service life and an excellent performance even under most extreme conditions and this is exactly what we do!

We were a test winner with brake pads in the magazine MOTORRAD, and TRW-Lucas Motorbike Brake Pads have been tested and rated as excellent by numerous specialist publications. Best reasons to choose replacement motorbike brake pads from TRW-Lucas.

Check out our Tips and Tricks for motorbike brake pads and other TRW-Lucas motorcycle brake parts under Downloads in the Service section. You’ll find vast information around motorcycle brake pads and many helpful hints for a proper installation of your new brake pads.

Racers will benefit from the handling tips and bedding in instructions for the new generation of racing pad material like CRQ Hyper-Carbon and SCR Sinter-Carbon.