Bonamici Brake Lever with Remote Adjuster - Suzuki GSX-R 600 2004-2020

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High Quality, Billet Aluminium Brake Lever with Remote Adjuster by Bonamici Racing

This brake Lever from Bonamici will improve the look and feel of the hand levers on your  Suzuki.  Bonamici Levers are made from a single piece of billet aluminium in their factory based in Italy, with a black anodised finish for corrosion resistance and durability.

These Levers also include a dedicated Remote Adjuster which can be used while you're riding to adjust your brakes to get the best feel, especially when you're riding at a track.

Bonamici laser scan each and every bike they manufacture parts for in order to ensure fitment and compatibility, after this their parts are fine tuned, tested and validated through various levels of Motorsport.

Please Note: There is the option to choose either the "Standard" or "Race" Remote Adjuster. The Race Version features the Twin Bearing System (TBS) allowing for smoother and more precise adjustments.