SUZUKI GSX-S 950 2022 - 2023 Smart OBD E5 Diagnostic switch

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This switch fits 2021-on Euro 5 spec Suzuki and Honda Fi models.

The Smart OBD E5 Diagnostic switch by SmartMoto allows you to enable the Dealer mode / DTC on Suzuki and Honda Fi motorcycles. This mode will let you access and erase the Fi error codes, troubleshoot Fi problems and have access to additional maintenance settings like TPS adjustment and service reset.

Please find more info about the applications on our installation instructions page.

Reference Suzuki OEM part no.: 09930-83130
Reference Honda OEM part no.: 070MZ-0010300

Key Features

  • Lets you display and erase the current Fi error codes and gives access to additional settings for maintenance.
  • Plug and play installation.
  • Waterproof design.
  • Cable length: 35cm

High Quality Standards

  • We use only OEM connectors and materials to ensure perfect fitment.
  • Sophisticated production and high quality parts ensure top quality product.
  • This product is tested and developed for the listed motorcycles.