Domino Road & Race Black & Green A450 Grips to fit Road Bikes

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These grips are made from a dual compound rubber, with a soft mutitonic grip surface; providing grip even in the wet, and a firm core; this offers structural support and eliminates twist during use.  

To aid longevity, in areas more subject to wear and tear such as the flange and the outer edge, the firm core replaces the soft grip surface.

  • Material: Two-component thermoplastic rubber
  • Colour: Black / Green
  • Length: 120 mm/125 mm
  • Grip end: Open
  • Diameter Handlebars/Throttle Tubes: 22/26 mm
  • Slot for Iron Wire: 2-3 slots
  • Flange diameter: 47 mm
  • Diameter installed grips : 31,5 mm

If you have any additional questions over this or any other tuning modification, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Kind regards P3 Tuning Ltd