DUCATI Diavel ECU Base Flash Remapping and Programming

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ECU base flash allows you to remove all unwanted features that restrict the bike along with increasing power and torque throughout the rev range. These maps are selected from our vast database of maps built in house and we can then select a map suitable to your bikes modifications and setup.

Simply post us your ECU along with bike setup and we will return fully insured and tracked. We provide any fitting instructions and what features have been disabled allowing removal from the bike and any remedial works if required.

 Features available for Ducati Diavel 2011-2015

  • IAP Fuel Maps
  • TPS Fuel Maps
  • Ignition Timing Maps
  • Adjust RPM Limiter
  • Adjust Fan Temperature
  • Disable Stock O2 Sensor
  • Disable Exhaust Valve
  • Engine Data - View Live Engine Data
  • Woolich Racing AutoTune - (Requires Applicable LogBox + Zeitronix Package)

ECU Part Numbers:

  • F8TJ0071 HDH001 F5066
  • F8TJ0071 HDH001 F5083A
  • F8TJ0071 HDH001 F5102
  • F8TJ0071 HDH001 F5104A
  • F8TJ0071 HDH001 F5111
  • F8TJ0071 HDH001 F5132
  • F8TJ0071 HDH008 F59630
  • F8TJ0071 HDH010 F59650
  • F8TJ0071 HDH012 F59670
  • F8TJ0071 HDH013 F59710
  • F8TJ0071 HDH015 F59810
  • F8TJ0071 HDH017 F59950
  • F8TJ0072 HDH023 F5193A
  • F8TJ0072 HDH023 F5239
  • F8TJ0072 HDH023 F59950

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