HM Stand Alone Blipper Shifter [SABS] PRO - YAMAHA YZF R6

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HM Quickshifter Stand Alone Blipper Shifter System

  • Add Shift / Backshift functionality to any bike (any bike with ride by wire – irrespective if it already has a shifter and/or blipper system)
  • Simple plug and play system
  • Instant self-learning algorithms makes the system super easy to use
  • Highly customisable and programmable – defaults to simple settings but advanced settings can be used, such as RPM and gear by gear programming to get perfect shifts and back shifts in any condition. (PRO Version)
  • Automatic and intelligent auto warmup – simply press the handlebar switch whilst powering up to enter auto warm up mode. This mode slowly and carefully warms the bike up to a pre-set temperature (80 degC by default) whilst keeping oil pressure up, and moving coolant. Exit warm mode at any time by applying some throttle or turn off bike. A number of different ‘programs’ are available so that you can choose the perfect warmup program that suits you. All programs react to actual temperature and as such the system is really gentle with a cold bike, and then slowly get more aggressive as the bike reaches temperature to thoroughly and gently warm the bike up ready for use.
  • Engine Brake control – This system also features a fully programmable engine brake control system -a.k.a. electronic slipper clutch. It is totally automatic and activates in deacceleration only. Want to drop two gears and hit the rear brake hard without worrying about a lockup? No problem! Want to keep the rear wheel turning and deaccelerating consistently for those perfect ‘backing it in’ moments? No problem! (EBC is not yet released and is soon to follow).
  • Can be programmed via a laptop, or optionally via a small colour display that can also be used as an advanced gear and shift light indicator.


  • Due to many motorcycles having aftermarket rearsets, HM do not supply shift rods in the kit.