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The Blipper works both up and downshift where it allows a more rapid climb and greater control of engine braking. So you no longer need to use the clutch to downshift. The electronic gear function Blipper is completely plug and play with no changes to the original wiring

  • Load Cell Technology able to work both pushing and pulling
  • 2 different Eletronic modules
    - Signal powering near the strain gauge and external board for signal treatment
    - Calibret and Calibratable at any time
  • Easy preload setting done on a miniature digital led panel, no PC
    Max Load Recording
  • Current Load Display
  • Failure Check warning
  • Automatic temperature , vibrations and creep adjustment
  • Specific Connectors included
  • Instructions for YEC, HRC and Yoshimura ECUS
  • Dimensions D = 16 mm, L = 55 mm
  • Provided with Rod already holed and threaded, just to be cut, available either M6 or M8 holes
  • IP 65 guaranted I.E. water and dust proof