KAWASAKI NINJA 400 2018 - 2023 CoolAIR AD Manual Radiator Fan Switch

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The SmartMoto CoolAIR AD switch is a smart manual radiator fan switch that connects to the radiator fan relay and uses the standard radiator fan to prevent the rising of the engine temperature.

It incorporates an intelligent design and even when turned OFF it maintains the standard radiator fan operation; the fan will be turned on normally when the coolant temperature reaches the pre-set level.

On this product we give special attention to durability.
The new advanced design uses PCB technology for the installation of the internal parts and strong switch casing.

Key Features

  • Keeps the engine temperature at low levels and protects the engine from overheating on traffic.
  • Perfect when performing maintenance tasks on your motorcycle that require prolonged idle operation, such as TPS adjustment.
  • Intelligent design that keeps the standard radiator fan operation when the CoolAIR switch is turned off.
  • Connects with OEM sealed connectors, plug and play installation, no wire cutting required.
  • Waterproof design
  • LED indicator with LED holder for panel installation
  • Cable length: 190cm

High Quality Standards

  • We use only OEM connectors to ensure perfect fitment.
  • Sophisticated production and high quality parts ensure top quality product.
  • This product is tested and developed for the listed motorcycles.