MV AGUSTA F3 675 MWR Air Duct / funnels

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MWR-AT-750 MWR Airfunnels

MV Agusta 675/800 F3, Halfway the WSS 600 and UEM Superstock 600 season some conclusions can be made about the performance of the MV Agusta F3 . One of them is the topspeed . The Supersports & superstocks have almost the same topspeed , all are using the same MWR racefilter . Proven is also that with the MC-061-12R the bikes have 6kmh more topspeed as with any other sportsfilter . Therefore we can conclude that the small std airfunnels restrict the airflow and also the performance. MWR developed a new set of airfunnels for the F3 , much bigger in diameter but more important a as big as possible opening to enter the airbox . Also to use on roadbikes but follow the instructions we advise to get the best possible performance but also protection . The std airfunnels obstruct the topspeed because they are too small in diameter and the opening for entering the airbox is too small , there is not enough airflow. Therefore we made these openings as big as possible to get as much airflow as possible . NOTE : The std. filter and ALL other tubular sportsfilters will NOT fit with these tubes. The filters what can be used in combination with these airtubes are : MC-060-12 / MC-060-12R / MC-061-12HE / MC-061-12R With all MWR parts together you can make a MWR racekit for the racebikes or a MWR powerpack for roadbikes or whatever On this picture are the Airtubes MWR-AT-750 , the adjustment kit MWR-500 already installed on the MC-061-12R WARNING DO NOT ride off until fuel adjustments are done.

The airfunnels are bigger , lighter , more flexible , better fitment and most important in two pieces , now you can work on the front suspension without removing the complete airfunnel

The Air funnel kit does not include the MWR filter - this can be obtained separately HERE.

Caution: Remapping the ECU or the Power Commander is highly recommended.Only use MWR cleaner and airfilteroil . Contact us for more information on : 0151 345 0170