Suzuki GSX-R 1000 2017-2018 I2M ABS Emulator Plug / ABS Delete

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i2M ABS Emulator Plug / ABS Delete

THE I2M ABS emulators allow the removal of the entire ABS unit. The removers have all the electronic circuits needed to avoid any error in the ECU. Their mounting is completely plug & play and there's no need to modify the original wiring.

You simply just unplug the ABS unit and plug in the emulator. With weight savings of up to 1.4kg!

The ABS removers copy exact the shape of the original ABS unit plug and replicate the couplings. Meaning zero modifications.

Commonly, by completely removing the original ABS system you also loose all Traction Control functions. On modern sports bikes this is not acceptable or desirable. Also if the emulator is low quality, it can trigger engine management faults and codes.

The I2M copies exactly all the necessary interface and allows all the other original systems to operate as intended.This product is designed for exclusive use ON TRACK. DO NOT use this product on public roads.


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