Triumph Speed Triple / Tiger 1050 2005-2015 Racetorx gear shift support

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Racetorx are the largest manufacturer of gear shift supports to suit a vast number of motorcycles.

Our gear shift supports help prevent mis-shifts / false neutrals and provide a more positive gear change.

By moving the fulcrum closer to the gear lever, the kinetic energy is altered to achieve less effort and better action.
With the use of the installed needle bearing or phosphorus bronze bush, the rotational resistance is reduced.

-helps prevent mis-shifts / false neutrals
-provides safety and protection
-quick shifters work better with a gear shift support fitted (due to reduced play in the shaft)
-gain confidence back in gear changes
-provides positive gear changes
-added protection for your transmission in the event of a crash

This can also be used in conjunction with quick shifters for a more responsive gear change.

Stop the mis-shifts and false neutrals while adding some protection to your transmission with our one-of-a-kind gear shift supports.
Don’t settle for knock-offs and inferior products.


Material- 6061-T6 aluminium

Aesthetically pleasing with UV stable anodizing for corrosion protection.

Anodizing – Black Only


Installation of the Triumph Speed Triple-

The x2 M10 bolts pictured replace the side stand M10 bolts, These bolts are made in Titanium and have M6 threads in the top to mount the gear shift support. If the bike is on the side stand while installing (not recommended) ONLY REPLACE 1 SIDE STAND BOLT AT A TIME for your safety and others around you!

Please note-

The Ball joint is an additional part in the drop-down menu, some have the ball joint, and some are fitted with a rose joint. With a rose joint fitted, you will not require the ball joint.

If ordering with the ball joint, please remove the fabric spacer on the OEM ball joint and replace onto the new Racetorx ball joint on fitment.


  • Triumph Speed Triple- 2016-2022
  • Triumph Tiger (Sport) 1050 2016 – 2023
  • Triumph Speed Triple – 2005 – 2015
  • Triumph Tiger (Sport) – 2003 – 2015

Kit Includes:

  1. Gear shift support frame (bearing fitted)
  2. Gear change arm with Titanium Ball joint (optional)
  3. x2 replacement side stand bolts (Titanium)
  4. stainless steel Hardware included


  • M6 Mounting bolts to be torqued up to 10.7NM
  • M10 Side stand bolts torqued up to 30NM (Please Follow instructions at top of the page)
  • It is recommended to lock tight supplied bolts

If you have any additional questions over this or any other tuning modification, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Kind regards P3 Tuning Ltd