TRIUMPH SPEEDMASTER 790 2003 - 2004 AIS Valve Eliminator kit

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The secondary air injection system (AIS) routes fresh air from the airbox to the exhaust system in order to aid the combustion of unburned fuel in the exhaust. This system is designed to improve emissions on stock exhaust systems, but it will cause known performance problems in the low and mid RPMs. Also, it is the cause of popping and backfires when you change the standard exhaust with a free flow exhaust.

The AIS Valve Eliminator kit by SmartMoto combines all the required components to let you remove this system from your motorcycle completely.

Key Features

  • Eliminates exhaust popping noise on deceleration and backfiring typically associated with aftermarket exhausts.
  • Achieves true A/F ratio for fuel tuning. A/F ratio measurements are reliable.
  • Free up engine space.
  • * Customer reviews have shown easier engine starting when cold, smoother power delivery and improved throttle response with the product installed

High Quality Standards

  • The rubber vacuum caps are special heat resistant caps.
  • The airbox cap fits perfectly to the airbox.
  • The block off plugs are made of galvanized steel with copper washers.
  • Sophisticated production and high quality parts ensure top quality product.
  • This product is tested and developed for the listed motorcycle.