Triumph Street Triple 765 R / S / RS Racetorx Throttle Spacer Kit

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Triumph Throttle Play Spacer Kit.

Triumph Throttle Play Spacer Kit.

Fly-by-wire Throttle assemblies naturally have a lot of play. We Have decided to fix this problem by designing a spacer kit that is inexpensive.
In the kit you get 2 spacers, 1 extra just in case you break 1 fitting it, if at the end you still have a spare why not fit it to your friend’s bike?

To fit, separate the throttle housing by removing x2 Phillips head screws (do not touch the 2 security screws) Pull the throttle tube out and add the spacer into the throttle housing (NOT ON THE THROTTLE TUBE) as per the main image. Slide the throttle tube back on until it's in location then push into the throttle assembly until flush. There will be resistance as it seats into location. screw the x2 screws back and job done. now the feel is precise and responsive.

  • Triumph Street Triple 765 R
  • Triumph Street Triple 765 S
  • Triumph Street Triple 765 RS
we have 3D scanned the kit at 30microns for the best accuracy and the design has an allowance for clearance of wear on handlebars.

If you have any additional questions over this or any other tuning modification, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Kind regards P3 Tuning Ltd