Kawasaki ZX-1OR ABS 2011-2016 Racetorx gear shift support

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      • The revolutionary design
      • Aids in preventing missed shifts and false neutrals
      • Added protection for your transmission in the event of a crash


      This is the next generation of gear shift support, as an assembly design the gear arm is also replaced, compared to our other types of shift supports we do, the Kawasaki version is more complex. The gear arm sits in the bearing and is the new gear arm that you mount your gear linkage to.

      The Kawasaki gear shift support allows both standard and race “GP” shift in 4 mounting points for long or short stroke.

      Have you ever been in a situation where you’re screaming through some twisties when suddenly you hit a false neutral and so you have no drive or engine braking?


      What are mis shifts / false neutrals?

      mis shifts / false neutrals are where the transmission does not engage the gears properly especially when shifting through higher gears like from 3rd to 4th or 4th to 5th. This can be very frustrating when your in the moment ready for the next corner when you hit 5th and BAM you hit that unwanted false neutral.
      dangerous if one doesn’t know how to handle the situation properly too.

      The gear shift linkage is a common cause of this, feel your linkage, the Gear shaft also has lateral movement.

      The Racetorx Gear shift support stiffens up the lateral movement in the gear shaft which then also reduces the slop in the gear shift linkage and so helps prevent mis shifts altogether and provides positive gear changes, this also provides more confidence in riding too.

      Don’t take our word for it. check out our Trust pilot and website reviews.

      Stop the missed shifts and false neutrals while adding some protection to your transmission with our one of a kind gear shift supports.


      Included in the kit

      1. Gear shift assembly
      2. Hardware (x3 bolts)
      3. Step off spacer 8x10mm for GP shift
      4. Chain guard

      The chain guard is a new guard which is mountable with the gear shift support. The OEM guard must be removed due to being incompatible.

      The Racetorx chain guard is to replace the OEM guard which riders keep to “help” with the possibility of the chain snapping and causing engine damage, it is made from stainless steel, 4mm thick so compared to the OEM guard this is thicker and stronger materials.


      Material- 6061-T6 aluminium

      Aesthetically pleasing with hard anodizing for corrosion protection.

      Anodizing – Hard anodizing in Black.


      Make Model

      • Kawasaki ZX1OR 2011-2022
      • Kawasaki ZX1ORR 2017-2021
      • Kawasaki ZX1OR ABS 2011-2016
      • Kawasaki ZX1OR SE 2019-2020


      • It is essential to lubricate the bearing before application.
      • Bolts to be torqued up to 10.7NM
      • it is recommended to Clean and regrease every 3000miles or less
      • It is recommended to lock-tight supplied bolts
      • The sprocket cover must be removed to fit this kit.
      • Lightech Rearset must be spaced off the frame 5mm to allow clearance for GP shift, this is the required mod for GP shift on OEM setup or Racetorx shift support add-on. For standard shift as OEM with OEM rearsets please be aware you will require a replacement rose joint which is a 6mm, M6 female right-hand thread due to the OEM rose joint being a sealed bolt unit. 

        For any additional information on these or any other tuning modification please do not hesitate to get in touch.
        Regards P3Tuning Ltd